Road Safety Tips – Food and Drink

road-safety-tips-food-and-drinkRoad Safety Tips – Food and Drink

Eating or Drinking when driving is extremely dangerous.  It is a major distraction and increases a drivers risk of being in or causing an accident.  Not may people realise, but eating and drinking whilst driving a vehicle is almost as dangerous as using a mobile device.

In a recent survey it was discovered that eating or drinking whilst driving a motor vehicle increases the risk of a collision by almost 4 times.  Using a mobile device has been found to increase a risk of collision by almost 5 times.

Almost everyday someone is spotted eating and drinking whilst driving.  What most people are unaware of though is how dangerous it is.  Most people are aware of the dangers of mobile or tablet use whilst driving.  But eating and drinking tends to go unnoticed.  It is a proven statistic that eating and drinking is a distraction and is definitely one factor in most everyday collisions.

Next time, you maybe think about eating or drinking whilst driving, please consider the consequences.  Stay Safe !