Lower Car Insurance – Prices Fall Again

Earlier this year we wrote about Lower Car Insurance Prices decreasing, but we weren’t sure on how long this was going to last.

We are pleased to now tell you that a leading car insurance comparison site moneysupermarket.com (after analysing millions of car insurance quotes) have confirmed that once again car insurance prices have fell.

When comparing the cost of car insurance to the same time last year, premiums are currently £13 lower.

This is good news for people who are looking for car insurance at the moment.  A considerable saving could be made by those who are currently looking for lower car insurance if they shop around.

For those of you who are renewing your car insurance, auto renewing will not guarantee the best deal.  Your renewal premium maybe lower than last years prices.  But to ensure you are getting the best deal, checking through the car insurance market is a must.  Comparison sites are a good way to take the hassle and stress out of finding a lower quote and there are plenty of them.

The Transport Committee is asking the Government to do more to reduce insurance company claim costs.  As things stand at present it could now mean that lower car insurance prices are here to stay.  This has to be good news for all us motorists.