Cockpit Drill – DSSSM

Cockpit Drill – DSSSM (Doors, Seat, Steering, Seat Belt, Mirrors)

The cockpit drill DSSSM is always carried out at the start of a lesson. It is used to set the car up for the driver, it consists of Doors, Seat, Steering, Seatbelt and Mirrors (DSSSM).

This is always used whenever we get into a car for the first time.  As a learner driver it will be the first thing you are taught and also the first thing you will do at the start of each lesson.

Make sure that all doors, boot and bonnet are fully closed. Most cars will show a warning light on the dashboard if your door or boot is not shut properly so check your dashboard before moving off.

cockpit-drill-dsssmAdjust your seat so that you can reach the foot controls comfortably and that you can depress the clutch fully with a slight bend to the knee.
You may need to move the back rest so that your arms are slightly bent when holding the steering wheel and raise the seat if required.

Head Restraint
The head restraint should be set to the correct position to help to reduce whiplash injuries.

Steering Wheel
Most steering wheels are adjustable so make sure that your hands are resting comfortably and that you can move your hands around the wheel without having to stretch your arms.

Seat Belt

Put your seatbelt on and make sure it is locked in and has no twists in it. If your car has a seat belt adjuster you can adjust the shoulder fixing point so that it is not cutting in to you.

You will have 3 mirrors that you will need to adjust.
Interior Mirror.

This is a flat glass mirror which gives you a true picture of the position and speed of the following traffic.
Adjust this mirror so that you can see through the back window without having to move your head.
You should be able to see the whole of the back window in the interior mirror.

Exterior Mirrors ( Door Mirrors)

These 2 wing mirrors are made with convex glass and can give a distorted view as vehicles will seem further away then what they actually are.

Adjust the exterior mirrors so that you should be able to see the sides of the car and the door handles and the horizon should appear about the middle of the mirror.