Cheap Driving Lessons

Cheap Driving Lessons

In today’s world everyone is always looking for a bargain. We all need to save money. One of the most searched for terms on our site is Cheap Driving Lessons or Cheap Driving Instructors.

Truthfully there are some great offers out there to be seized. Firstly, though, ask yourself a couple of questions:-

1. Is it really a bargain?

If the price is that low (too good to be true), how will they earn their money? Don’t forget, learning to drive with a fully qualified driving instructor, you are usually using their vehicle (wear and tear) with expensive insurance and expensive fuel costs and of course their knowledge and time.  Check their terms and conditions for nasty surprises or for how the lessons are to be taken.  If you cant find the terms and conditions to the offer, ASK!

They are dropping the prices low to lure you in yes, but how will they recoup their losses?

2. What are their pass rates?

Every good driving school will have a review page where their satisfied customers can leave reviews. Make sure you read their reviews.  This is a true record of what their previous pupils experience and thoughts were.

3. When the offer is complete, what is the standard lesson price?

On most occasions driving schools will offer you low prices on introductory courses. When that course is completed though you will end up paying a lot more for your standard lesson price.

A word to the wise if the offer looks too good to be true it usually is.

Divawheelz can offer lessons for as little £11.20 per hour (our introductory rate) you will find our terms and conditions here.  Our standard lesson price for Manual Driving Lessons is £21.00 per hour.

Divawheelz has no hidden clauses and we are only to happy to help you with any questions you may have