Driving Instructors- What you need to Know

Approved Driving Instructors

Nine out of ten learners who passed their practical test on their first attempt were taught by approved driving instructors.

Who can teach you to drive ?

If you are paying someone to teach you to drive , they must be an approved driving instructor (ADI) or a trainee driving instructor ( PDI )  It’s really important to learn how to drive safely right from the beginning , bad habits are hard to break !! Driving instructors have been specially trained to teach you what you need to know to be safe on the road. They have a lot of experience and knowledge about driving, which they will use to help you become a safe and confident driver. If you have friends or relatives who have recently learn’t to drive you could ask them if they would recommend their driving instructor.female-adi- needed wolverhampton

You could try searching online for a driving instructor in your area or the GOV.UK site has a link to an online tool for finding your nearest driving instructors.




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